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Manage Your Membership Site Quickly and Easily by Adding a Drop Down Navigation Menu to WordPress Admin Bar

Wishlist Quick Access

If you had already installed Wishlist Member plugin, you probably know that navigating through all the features just to get to your desired one can sometimes require too many clicks.

What if I told you that by installing only one simple plugin you will be able to adjust your membership site faster and focus more on making money from it rather than wasting time on navigating through Wishlist Member plugin?

Wishlist Quick Access will Help You Make More Money!

Instead of wasting valuable time on learning were every function in Wishlist Member plugin is, with Wishlist Quick Access you will be able to navigate easily to any feature in just seconds!

If you are new to Wishlist Member then Wishlist Quick Access will help you adjust to Wishlist faster and help you build your membership site faster.

And you can also benefit from Wishlist Quick Access if you are an experienced membership site owner. Instead of clicking 2,3 and even 4 or 5 clicks you will get to ANY feature in only 1 click!

Think about it…
The Less Time You Spend on Technical Issues, the More Time You Have to Focus on Making Money from Your Membership Site!

Wishlist Quick Access Screenshots

Wishlist Quick Access